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5 Reasons to Drink Warm Water With Lemon and Honey Every Morning

Drinking warm water with lemon and honey in the morning is a good start for your day. This mixture provides a lot of health benefits, such as cleansing the lymphatic system, balancing pH levels and cleansing the live. However, its benefits don’t stop there. Following are 5 reasons why drinking warm water with lemon and honey every morning is great for your health. Let’s check out now.

1. Aid in weight loss

Drinking warm lemon water every morning can aid in weight loss thanks to pectin contained in lemon. This type of fiber helps make you feel full and fight hunger cravings. According to some studies, people who follow a more alkaline diet lose weight faster. Besides, lemon water has fewer calories than anything else except for water. So you can drink lemon water in the morning and continue following this method to lose some weight.

2. Freshen your breath
Drinking lemon water can beat bad morning breath almost instantly after a long night of sleep. It cleanses your mouth, combats the bacteria and kills off all the germs in your mouth. However, you should be careful because lemons can erode the enamel on your teeth. So if it is best to brush your teeth first and then drink lemon water before rinsing with plain water.

3. Help improve digestion
Another health benefit of lemon water is improving digestion. Lemon assists your digestive system in flushing out toxins from your body as well as helps the liver produce bile which aids in digestion. Meanwhile, honey acts as an antibacterial and helps in the production of intestinal mucus, and the warm water stimulates the gastrointestinal tract and peristalsis. So drinking lemon water can relieve symptoms of indigestion, including belching, heartburn and bloating.

4. Beat constipation
The warm water with lemon and honey is a great remedy for constipation as it infuses water into dried stool. This mixture also helps stimulate the bowels and aids in the production of intestinal mucus, which help you pass motion easily.

5. Clear skin
Lemon water purges toxins from your blood, so it keeps your skin clear of blemishes from the inside out. This mixture can also give you naturally glowing skin thanks to all the vitamin C contained in lemon. This vitamin reduces wrinkles and assists in the production of collagen. Meanwhile, the water and honey lend a unique restorative, antibacterial and collagen boosting properties to your skin as well.
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15 Best Quotes From Oscar Winner Jared Leto

Jared Leto is an American actor and singer-songwriter with many talents. The “Dallas Buyers Club” star won Best Supporting Actor at the 2014 Academy Awards, beating Barkhad Abdi, Bradley Cooper, Michael Fassbender and Jonah Hill. Previously, he has received a bevy of supporting actor honors such as the Golden Globe and SAG award.
Following are 15 best quotes from Jared Leto that may inspire you.

“It’s not like I’m hanging out at shopping malls or going to celebrity golf tournaments. I’m so in my own little world. I got my dog, my music, my brother, a couple of friends.”

“Some people believe in God. I believe in music. Some people pray. I turn up the radio.”

"I think what a big part of 30 Seconds to Mars is, it's not only music, it's not only art, it's a community. It's a sense of having a place to belong. And not everybody will understand it, and that's ok, it's just for the people that do."

"Music is subjective to everyone's unique experience.”

“We really bonded very early. He has a great sense of humor and was very kind to me. I learned so much from watching such an incredible actor.”

“I take computers practically apart and put them back together. I have a supercomputer I built over the years out of different computers.”

“Andrew has talked about my character being the conscience of the film, the heart of the film.”

“I was raised around a lot of artists, musicians, photographers, painters and people that were in theater. Just having the art-communal hippie experience as a child, there wasn't a clear line that was drawn. We celebrated creative experience and creative expression. We didn't try and curtail it and stunt any of that kind of growth.”

"I don't give advice; I take suggestions."

“I live by the rule that you should follow your dreams, no matter what you do, you should follow your dreams. If that's being a mathematician or a veterinarian or an actress or a musician you should follow your dreams and to live your fantasies.”

“It's not only music. It's not only art. It's a community. It's a sense of having a place to belong.”

"It's funny. I don't like onions but I like onion rings. What's up with that?"

“It's nice to be able to communicate digitally with people around the world.”

“I only did karaoke once in my life. It was with Courtney Love and it was a total disaster. She pulled me on stage in front of 500 people at a wedding. I’d never done karaoke before.”

“Try and fail, but never fail to try!”
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The Most Essential Guide for Granite and Quartz Worktops

If you are planning to install a black granite worktop in your kitchen, then you have taken the right decision. Here are some interesting benefits that will solidify your decision. First and foremost, you will get a variety of patterns when you opt for the granite worktops. Granite is somewhat grey in colour with flecks of different colours. The granite worktops are also available in a variety of finishes. When you visit the granite worktop store, you will find a variety of worktops with high gloss or sophisticated matte finish.

No two granite worktops are alike, so you will have the uniqueness factor automatically built in. Therefore if you want your kitchen to look beautifully unique, you should select the best granite worktops. Durability is another factor that has contributed to the popularity of the granite worktops in the kitchen. If you compare the durability of granite worktops with other materials, you will find that granite worktops are more durable and they last for a very long time. The granite worktops can withstand several years of regular use and still look as good as new.

Granite worktops are resistant to water damage, stains and even heat. Additionally, granite worktops are difficult to break and they are even resistant to scratches. If you compare the granite worktops with the ceramic tile worktops, you will find that you will have to spend a lot of time in cleaning the cracks of ceramic tile worktops; which is not the case with granite worktops. Granite worktops come in all one piece and so there are no ridges or cracks or joints on the granite worktops.

When you have laminate or wood worktops, you will agree that it is very difficult to clean the stains off them. Additionally, you will also find that wood or laminate worktops get blistered when hot pans are kept on them. Overall, when you compare the black granite worktops Yorkshire, you will find that they are better than the rest. If you take very good precautions, you will have to spend very little time on the maintenance of the granite worktops.

Like the granite worktops, you will also find that the quartz worktops are also growing in popularity these days. For the granite or quartz worktops, you may have to use a simple sealer every year, which is not very expensive. With these maintenance tips, you can surely keep the granite or quartz worktops neat and shining all the time. If you see in the long run, the granite worktops will save money as you don’t have to spend money for the replacement of the worktops.

Regular maintenance will mean fewer problems with the granite or quartz worktops. Granite or quartz worktops will also add value to your home. When you decide to sell the home, you will surely get a good deal when the prospective buyers look at the marvellous interiors of the home and kitchen. If you are considering a granite or quartz worktop, you will have to make sure that you talk to an expert.
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